FRforSong | Lirik Lagu - Just Like That | Bonnie Raitt

FRforSong | Lirik Lagu
Just Like That | Bonnie Raitt

grammys song of the year just like that

Lirik Lagu | Just Like That
by Bonnie Raitt

JUST LIKE THAT (Bonnie Raitt) I watched him circle round the block, Finally stopped at mine Took a while before he knocked, Like all he had was time Excuse me, ma’am, maybe you can help, The directions weren't so clear I'm looking for Olivia Zand They said I might find her here I looked real hard and asked him What she's got he's looking for? Said there's somethin’ I think she’d want to know, And I let him in the door It’s not like me to trust so quick Caught me by surprise But somethin’ about him gave me ease Right there in his eyes And just like that your life can change. If I hadn't looked away, My boy might still be with me now, He'd be 25 today No knife can carve away the stain No drink can drown regret They say Jesus brings you peace and grace Well he ain't found me yet He sat down and took a deeper breath Then looked right in my face I heard about the son you lost, How you left without a trace I've spent years just trying to find you So I could finally let you know It was your son's heart that saved me And a life you gave us both And just like that your life can change Look what the angels send I lay my head upon his chest And I was with my boy again I spent so long in darkness, Never thought the night would end But somehow grace has found me And I had to let him in

Credits: Produced by Bonnie Raitt Recorded and Mixed by Ryan Freeland Bonnie: vocal, acoustic guitar James “Hutch” Hutchinson: bass Ricky Fataar: drums, percussion, Glenn Patscha: hammond B3 Kenny Greenberg: electric guitar

Congratulation for winner "Song of The Year" at Grammys Awards

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