#FRforReview - Bercuti ala “Maldives” di Malaysia

Malaysian “Maldives” style vacation!
A great budget for a Luxury Vacation
Semporna Sabah Trip Part 2

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Hi, if you have a big budget, you want a fairytale vacation. You should not miss the opportunity to vacation at one of the resorts that have the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence, Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort which is regulated by PSR Resort.

You know it's like a paradise on earth! How beautiful is God's creation! What is interesting if you stay here, do not worry because Airport Transfer, Boat Transfer is included once. People will also take a boat at their special jetty to the resort

So the journey in a boat to arrive takes about 30 minutes & when you arrive you will be greeted by their very friendly staff to give a "Welcome Drink". You can freshen up, with the weather being a bit hot as well.

So when you arrive you will gather at the restaurant. You will be amazed by their very open restaurant, very beautiful design. 

You will be asked to fill in an information form & there will be a briefing on the resort and accommodation here by one of the employees.

While waiting for the room to be ready, you will be prepared for lunch at 12 noon. His food is very tasty, among them you can try fried squid, mixed vegetables with tofu, eggs & mushrooms, fried chicken, black pepper beef, pizza & more. 

After lunch, you will be able to check in at 2.30 pm. at best you don't have to worry about luggage, there will be staff who will send it to your room. Accommodation here depends on how many pax you book once, there are several types of rooms & this Resort has about 90 rooms. Our room is quite good because it is close to the Dive Center.

The rooms are very spacious. This room 1 Queen Bed plus 1 single Bed! In the room they will provide all the basic amenities like kettle, safe box, coffee & many more

The room has a balcony facing the beauty of the sea, plus there is a bathtub for you. The toilet is also very beautiful & has a lot of space. 

You can also enjoy the beauty of the marines life from your room, if you are lucky enough to see stingrays or turtles as well.

If you stay at Sipadan Kapalai, it's free & easy so you can do any activity according to your time. You can snorkel, dive, hang out on a beautiful artificial island, or enjoy the greenery of the Green Bridge!

You can snorkel at 4 places provided, including the Dive Center. You can get a life jacket near here too. Each place reserved for snorkeling activities, will be provided a platform for you to go down. So you don't have to worry if you are not good at swimming you can still see the fish from the platform as well, very easy for everyone. There are thousands of marine life that you can see & you will definitely be amazed.

For meal time, the resort has set a time, so when it's time to eat you just go to the restaurant. You will be provided Breakfast, Lunch, Tea Time & Dinner! It's true that you won't be hungry, but if you want a snack, you can buy it at the restaurant as well

Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort is indeed one of the must -visit places! It's worth paying to stay at this resort .. Everything is available & you don't need to take a boat to go snorkeling, you just walk or bike or call Buggy…

How much does it cost to stay here?

You only need to spend as low as RM700 ++ per night. Rate depends on date & seasons

So if you really want to feel the experience of staying in one of the beauties of the world, you must come to Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort! Very worthwhile! You will definitely create the most beautiful memories for your holiday here.

So don't forget to vacation here!

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