#FRforReview - Semporna Sabah Trip

 Vacation in “Maldives” Malaysia!

Low Budget, Awesome Vacation

Semporna Sabah Trip Part 1 - Lato Lato Resort

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Hi guys! Who would love to be able to go on vacation like in Maldives?

Oh God if you guys search in google, sooooo like in heaven! But don't worry,

Bamziaf has a solution for those of you with a low budget!

Of course we need to support our #LocalTourism first,

so that they can breathe again!

Bamziaf wants to share my vacation experience in Semporna, Sabah!

Bamziaf choose stay at Lato Lato Resort first for my first time trip to Semporna Sabah!

So the flight from KL to Tawau took about 2 hours 30 minutes &

from Tawau Airport to Pekan Semporna took about 1 hour to reach!

If in the package you guys didnt include Airport Transfer, better book early or else you can took Taxi or Grab plus dont forgot to check with the resort about your boat schedule if not

bamziaf suggest you guys book hotel first in Semporna Town &

go to the resort the next day! One of my favorite hotel in town, Seafest Hotel!


So if your flight arrives late in the evening,no worries you guys can stay in Semporna Town or even close to the Jetty. It all depends on your boat schedule. Don't worry about the stay in the town, a lots of shop & restaurant are here, like Tealive, Starbucks, 7Eleven & many good restaurants that's served very delicious meals, my favorite Restoran Anjung Lepa

If you want to go to Lato Lato Resort, make sure you call the Boatman & ask for the correct Jetty as there are several jetties in the city. The boat ride takes about 30 minutes. Upon arrival at Lato Lato Resort, leave your bags at the counter and proceed to Island Hopping. Bamziaf recommends wearing a swimsuit straight away so it's easy and you don't have to change

So our first stop for Island Hopping, Bohey Tray! Be sure to give your details in advance to the Boatman so they can inform the staff in charge if you want to climb! If you don’t bring the right shoes, don’t worry you can rent shoes for RM5!

Climb to the top of about 700M for breathtaking scenery! but don't worry there are stairs & good roads to climb, Tour Guide also will keep us safe until the top. So tiring but worth it!

Next we go to Mantabuan Island! We will take our lunch here first .. Don't worry they will provide a lunch box & water for us.. If you're done with your lunch, you guys can swim here or take pictures! Bamziaf really fell in love with the clear water sea plus the view was so amazing!

Next we go to Sibuan Island! Here, it is a must to take a picture near the end of the beach where there is a long beach sand. First took pictures first on the beach then on the other side of the island is a place for us to snorkel! The reefs are very beautiful, plus the fish are cute & there are a lots of them, but there are also sea urchins at bottom… bamziaf so Satisfied!After done with Island Hopping, Lets head back to the resort & check in!

Lato Lato Resort is very suitable if you don't have a big budget but want to feel like a holiday in Maldives… Per night here is only RM150 including meals & snorkeling activities! Our room here is just basic but the experience stays here, "Money Cannot Buy"! Even in the room you can watch all the sea creatures swimming out there plus you can just sit on the balcony and watch the sunset or even sunrise!

You guys also can snorkel anytime near the resort area & if you are lucky you can see turtles.. Night time, if you are in the right seasons, you can watch glowing plankton! Resort also sometimes will do BBQ sessions!

If you plan wanna come here, bamziaf suggest to come here between March - July! because within this month the weather are better!

Budget for vacation at Lato Lato Resort:

Flight tickets:RM300++

Transportation Tawau Airport - Semporna: RM19++

Resort: RM150 / night

Don't forget the next post bamziaf will share another's experience of a holiday in Semporna but with a different resort! See you guys next!!

Special thanks to Sabah Tourism for the arrangements of this trip!!

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